Basting $.005 per square inch
Simple Pantographs or Meandering $.01 to $.015 per square inch
Complex Pantographs $.015 to $.025 per square inch
Custom Quilting $.025 to $.035 per square inch and up
Heirloom $.035 to $.04 per square inch and up
Thread $4 per quilt. Variegated or specialty threads $6 per quilt
Hand Binding $.50 per linear inch
Label $5 to $10
Seaming $6 per seam
Setup $10
Shipping Completed Quilt $10 which includes insurance

Backing & Batting
Backing and batting should be approximately 4 to 6 inches larger than the quilt top on each of the four sides. High loft batting is not recommended. Purchasing our batting and backing will save you shipping costs. Our batting comes on rolls which prevents the wrinkling which occurs in prepackaged battings.

Hobbs Batting

Cotton/Polyester 80/20 96”width $5.00/yard
Organic with scrim 100% organic cotton 96”width $6.50/yard
Polydown resin bonded poly 108 width $5.50/yard
Wool - washable wool, resin bonded 108”width $8.00/yard
Black cotton 108”width $5.20/yard

We accept checks or money orders. For clients that bring in their quilts, we also accept cash.

We require 50% of the total cost upfront and the remaining balance when completed, prior to shipping.

Help with Designs and Pricing
Call us toll free at 877 290-6578 or 512 864-3480 and a quilt design specialist will help you choose a design that will compliment your quilt as well as finalizing your price quote.

Approximate Pricing Chart Guideline
Starting Prices

Quilt Type Approx. Size Sq. Inches Simple Panto Complex Panto Custom Heirloom
Crib 36”x45” 1,620 $16.20 $24.30 $40.50 $56.70
Twin 63”x87” 5,481 $54.81 $82.22 $137.03 $191.84
Double 78”x87” 6,786 $67.86 $101.79 $169.65 $237.51
Queen 84”x92” 7,728 $77.28 $115.92 $193.20 $270.48
King 92”x100” 9,200 $92 $138 $230 $322

Starting prices does not include setup, thread usage, batting, backing or shipping.